Paulina Ołowska

A woman in a red and white outfit leans on a wooden fence. Over her head, the wisteria's tree flowers twinkle like fireflies. Deeper in the background, there is one specific building from Rabka-Zdrój, where Paulina Ołowska executed all her new paintings. When the artist...

Listening to Schumann
Fernand Khnopff

Fernand Edmond Jean Marie Khnopff (12 September 1858 – 12 November 1921) was a Belgian symbolist painter.

Visual realism combined with a mood of silence, isolation, and reverie characterizes Fernand Khnopff's approach to Symbolism. Dissatisfied with the lack of...

Portrait of Mme. Rene De Gas, born Estelle Musson
Degas Edgar

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The Soul of the Rose
John William Waterhouse

Unlike a large proportion of Waterhouse's other work, The Soul of the Rose is not a scene taken from a famous or ancient tale of love. Instead it is a study of a woman in a garden thought to be based on the work of Alfred Lord Tennyson. The Soul of the...

Musicians in the Orchestra
Edgar Degas, 1872

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Little Girl Carrying Flowers in Her Apron
Edgar Degas, 1862

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界 音:

百鬼夜行 猫又 ,又谓猫妖,状如猫而其尾双股,能直立而行,擅诱人而食,一曰,其有为善者,常化为女子,与人亲。

Alice's Evidence
Salvador Dali, 1969

Alice is a muse for a moustached man that moussed the mind of a mathematician. Even the Queen dazzled with the story of the donzel.

Queen Victoria met Lewis Carroll, asking him if he’d written more books. He replied “many more”, so the Queen responded that she wanted...

The Nurse
Edgar Degas, 1873

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